May 2006  

Branding is not what it once was. Companies who are gaining ground today are doing things differently. They are really connecting with their customers. Branding now requires that your image reminds your customers of themselves. For example: Consider the transition from American Express Financial Advisors to the new—for baby-boomers, by baby-boomers—Ameriprise Financial. Also, watch for the new Bold Moves ad campaign from Ford. And, consider the slightly less well known Extreme Allsport.
Ford Motor Company and American Express called upon someone else, so we were able to focus our attention on the Extreme Allsport project. Challenge: Help transform a small, non-descript sporting-goods store—known as Ski and Golf—into a relevant, competitive player in the “extreme” sports arena. Opportunity: A local competitor with huge market share had just announced it would close its doors. Ski and Golf recognized an opportunity for growth, and knew it would be necessary to redefine itself and begin branding a new image. Solution: A fresh start with an even fresher attitude—loosely based on the attitude and flair found in the ski and snowboard community. Nuts and bolts: The transformation started with a new logo. We then moved on to signage, printed marketing materials, the web, promo items, and even shopping bags. To gain synergy from the mix of media vehicles, we tied radio, newspaper, and web ad campaigns to the new website.
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Looking up,
Steve Walker


IDI—Blue Sky
Volume 1 Issue 2

Don't Have a Cow?
Branding: imprinting your image, your product, your business—on your prospects’ mind. Causing your clients to associate themselves with your solutions.
(Or, if you do happen to have a cow, burning your logo into its hide.)


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